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 Our biggest decision yet…

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In what was both a gift to our Chaturbate following, and incentivizing people to buy our Videos on our Chaturbate Couple Profile, we have decided to make any and ALL galleries we ever offered or planned to offer, free and easily searchable for all of your pleasure needs on our new page, “Sexy Amateur Galleries.” This will be your one stop shop for anything related to our pictures. We still plan on producing new galleries consistently and will be adding to our repository constantly. Go ahead and check it out, we’re sure you will like it ;).

How the journey to become a top Chaturbate Couple all began. 


  • The beginning
  • The Move
  •    Our moment of clarity.   
  •     Here we are    
The beginning

We have to go back to 2017!

 a long long time ago…

 It was right around mid-2017, we were just married, adventurous, and always looking to make some extra cash, I started doing research on Rose starting to Cam. She Agreed so we thought, hey why not? We actually originally chose myfreecams. I did the research, signed her up, and she’d perform most nights while I played on the computer, and she KILLED it. Having a camscore of over 4,000 within just a few weeks we thought, wow, we might’ve found something we can do as something more than part time, and actually live off of it. 


Around this time I looked into Chaturbate, my original plan to do Male solo shows to try and bring in something too, when we noticed that on Chaturbate you could do Couple shows. It was at that moment we decided to try that. Once we tried the couple show oh boy, we killed it AGAIN! It was unbelievable. We knew that we could make this not only our main income, but we could work hard and climb to the top.

The Move

Then came the Move.

 We may have been at the top a long time ago.

 So Rose and I were working hard, climbing our way to the top! We were LOVING what we were doing and able to live off of it at the same time! We finally understood what the whole “do what you love and you won’t work” quote meant. But then things changed. At the time we were living in Arizona, near Nik’s parents when his dad got a new job and we had to move. We weren’t going to be left alone in Arizona so of course we had to follow. 2 months of stress later and we’re in the Midwest. Camming fell to the wayside. We just couldn’t find the time dealing with replanting an uprooted life, and with all the newfound family drama, We just couldn’t continue. Our climb to becoming the top Chaturbate Couple came to a rest.

The Italiana's making Hardcore Pornography, homemade porn videos, and camming full time.
   Our moment of clarity.   
mishmash of pictures causing an erotic banner for the blog!

Then came October, 2018

We were good at it, and loved doing it.

October 2018 came around and things changed. Rose and I decided we can’t give up the Couple Camming. That we were going to go back into it and give it our all. We were going to do what we loved and that’s that. We will not stop until were one of the Top Chaturbate Couple’s.

    Here we are    

And thus a brand was born.

The Italianas is here to stay, and we will not stop until we’re at the top, doing what we love.

And now here we are. Doing what we love and don’t regret it. We now not only perform live for all of you, We’re developing our own brand and offering content on Manyvids, as well as running our own Adult Store and Website, plus developing a blog for all of you!

The fastest growing Chaturbate Couple just got a whole lot better.

Learn more about us to see our schedule!

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Now you can come here to find exclusive content, interact with us personally, find links to all of our profiles, whether it be Manyvids Or Chaturbate! with that we have our own Store, where you can support us while getting things you can’t find ANYWHERE else! This is also where you can request custom content! 

We have a content-rich blog, that you’re sure to enjoy!

Find things such as:

  • Reviews on the products we PERSONALLY use, both in the bedroom and our Cam Show equipment
  • Guides on how to do what we do, from starting your own show, to promoting yourself!
  • Connect with us personally and find out the latest news on Nik and Rose, as well as The Italianas as a whole! 

What are you waiting for? Click the link below to go straight to our blog! 


Find out more About Us! 

We’ve made it easier than ever to learn everything you need to know to stay connected with us, just go to our About Us page! There you can connect with us, and also catch important information like our Chaturbate Couple schedule!

I just absolutely love the way the water glistens in this light, consequently making this one of my favorite nudes of myself. Find out more about us, We love bringing new people to our Chaturbate Couple Show!

here’s our two latest blog posts! 

The banner photo for our Couples sex toy review! You will never go wrong with this, my wife and I swear by it!

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